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Geopark in Krobica

In the footsteps of the former mining ore
Geopark – this tourist and educational „Route of the ancient ways of precious metals mining” is an underground 350-metre-long passage through two addits and 13 posts alongside the 8-kilometre -long ground route. The visitors start in the exhibition vestibule and move on to the excavation of the 18th-century addit of St Leopold. Then, using the interfloor shaft, they get to the drift of St John (16th century) situated 10 metres higher. What you can see there, are the remains of the tin ore excavations. The route maintains the ambiance of the old mines, where miners broke down rocks by using a sledgehammer and a chisel. The traces of this manual extraction are still visible in the corridors of the addits. The museum exhibits, on the other hand, relate to miner traditions of Jizera Mountains and their foothills. When visiting the historical excavations, visitors can realise how hard miners’ working conditions were in the 18th century and why their job was so valuable.

We recommend:

  • 40-metre viewing tower in Mirsk with telescopes overlooking the Jizera.
Geopark in Krobica
Krobica 90, 59-630 Mirsk
Tel. 570 778 078

GPS: 50.930041 N, 15.368463 E


Mon – Sun 10.00 am – 6.00 pm.

adult – PLN 28;
child – PLN 24 (children –  under the age of 18);
retirement discount, the disabled – PLN 24 (the retirement discount applies to people over 60, the discount for the disabled with a clearly visible disability or upon presentation of an appropriate document);
group of at least 10 people – PLN 24 (the price also applies to groups of children and pensioners).

Sightseeing time:

  • 45-90 minutes.

Geopark in Mirsk

59-630 Mirsk, Krobica village
phone 75 647 04 68

GPS: 50.930041 N, 15.368463 E